We get it, you are going to a bar to pick up some girls and you want to ensure that the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life would improve after this decision by dressing in the best way possible thereby increasing the likelihood that a girl would end up noticing you. It’s certainly important that you dress well if you want to find someone that would be interested in you without a shadow of a doubt, but at the same time you might want to avoid something that is often looked at as a criminally negligent faux pas which is basically dressing up a little too much.

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Overdressing is basically when you wear clothes that are a bit too formal or fancy at a bar. No girl in their right mind would ever wear a wedding dress to North Shore bars, so why would you even think about wearing a suit to such an establishment? Instead of going all out like this, just dress up in a smart button down and pants. You can even wear jeans as long as they are freshly watched.

What would basically happen if you end up overdressing is that people would start to think that you’re trying way too hard and they wouldn’t want anything to do with you which would lead to feelings of immense loneliness and make you feel like you are never going to find anyone who would love for who you are as a person rather than who they hope you end up becoming. Dressing sensibly and respectably can prevent such embarrassing situations from occurring and would result in a lot more social success.