Either the root canal specialist Singapore or dentist will perform the root canal treatment. It is the multi-appointment procedure. To keep your tooth free from saliva & dry, the rubber dam will get placed while tooth is numb. The bacteria, nerve tissue as well as pulp will be removed you’re your tooth through access opening made at a top of your tooth. The root canal files can be placed in opening to perform removal of the material. The tooth decay will get removed with use of the specialized dental instruments. When the tooth is cleaned, permanent filling is placed.  Exception to this will be in a case of the additional appointments. After that you might get the temporary filling.

root canal specialist

Make an Appointment

The appointment probably will happen within a week. At such time, the root canal specialist Singapore and dental materials are used to seal & fill your tooth’s roots as well as cavity. Opening on your tooth’s top surface may have placement of the filling. In addition, all teeth treated with the root canal surgery should be crowned and capped. In such way your tooth may get protected from the breaking & restored to total functionality.

Use right method

As inflammation across the tooth & gum diminishes, tooth may become less sensitive. After each appointment, you may receive the instructions for care. And your root canal procedure is successful in case you practice the good oral hygiene & visit the dentist on regular basis. One easy & non-invasive method to brighten up your smile is using tooth whitening and bleaching.