Simply beyond Dahlonega, Georgia and a hr north of Atlanta is the little crossroads of Aurania. Auraria is abandoned currently and its ancient structures are passing into the dustbin of history. When, though, it was the center of America’s initial real gold rush. In 1830 Auraria sprung up to offer the requirements of the miners that gathered there after the discovery of gold in 1829. To now the hills as well as woodlands around this intersection are noted with the long deserted sluice trenches and also the periodic artifact of those days. As a youngster I would roam those woods my household had a farm 2 miles from Auraria as well as locate much of these things. As soon as, I discovered the hand-wrought iron spikes which had at one time secured a sluice-gate. Later, I located the lengthy forgotten graves of a number of miners that passed away pursuing their desire for treasures in the Georgia hills. Fishermen who see the area today still stand an opportunity of discovering a gold nugget at their feet as they cast their line … one never ever knows.

Auraria is additionally alongside the Etowah River which is right down Castleberry Bridge Roadway from the T of Old Auraria Roadway as well as Castleberry Bridge Road. The Etowah is, in my point of view, among the loveliest streams in Georgia. It’s not specifically large, nor remarkable, however I have actually constantly located a particular peace on its financial institutions that calls me back sometimes like an old pal. The Etowah is stocked weekly during trout equipping period, as well as you may locate it a bit crowded in the area where it is crossed by Castleberry Bridge Roadway. Don’t neglect, though, that it is stocked all the way up-stream to Things To Do In Tuolumne County. So, take a little walk and you’ll soon find that you have the stream to yourself.

If you want to stay overnight there are lots of alternatives readily available in nearby Dahlonega on freeway 400, or in the community of Dahlonega itself. To reach Auraria from Dahlonega take freeway 400 to Burnt Stand road west and follow this till it merges with Old Auraria roadway. Follow Old Auraria road north a couple of miles until you locate the three means junction of Castleberry Bridge and also Old Auraria Roadway where you’ll see a historic marker, an abandoned and collapsing old resort and the currently obsolete basic store.